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Frequently asked questions

When will the order arrive?

It depends on the shipping company that has been selected and the one responsible for the delivery. We provide a group of those responsible for shipping in a group of major cities, and it usually takes from 1 to 3 days for the order to be confirmed.

Is there a delivery outside the country?

Currently, contracted shipping companies deliver within the country and a group of cities specified on the delivery page. All cities that the shipping company's representative arrives are displayed.

You can request delivery outside the country from the store team via WhatsApp to collect information on product weight and pricing for international shipping agents who are not currently registered in the store.

If there is a manufacturer defect in the product?

You must return and read the return policy to know the conditions for return and exchange, and in the event of a manufacturing defect, it has been agreed to return, the freight value of the company is calculated, as well as the recharge for the customer. As for the product value, the customer is not calculated according to the return policy.

I want to order large quantities, is there a discount?

The store provides a large quantity delivery service in case of ordering and there is a discount of 10-20% on some products. You can directly contact us via the contact us page and inquire about the quantities and the discount